​A Work Workout makes intentional change happen.

I’ve been facilitating work workouts for more than ten years over happy hours, coffee klatches, and the mobile phone.

They weren’t called work workouts at the beginning because I hadn’t yet realized people were deliberately coming to me when a thing at work needed to be figured out.

But when I did, I started calling it a Work Workout to capture what we were doing together: clarifying the thing (a catch-all term for the wide variety of happenings at work), exploring it, and preparing an approach to take action.

Work Workouts aren’t for every thing at work, of course, just some combination of the exceptional and important. Things like these real examples from other administrators I’ve worked with: asking for more responsibility, proposing a department reorganization, searching for a new job, presenting a new idea, organizing a retreat, navigating a bad situation, challenging a bad boss, trying a different approach, working through a sticky situation, thinking strategically about the next move, and the like.

Things that could use the Work Workout treatment don’t happen all that frequently. In fact, the majority of our work days are filled with things you’re already perfectly equipped to handle.

A Work Workout is for when you feel like that isn’t the case and could use some help in figuring it out. I ask questions. We discuss the situation. You think, reflect, and make decisions about an approach appropriate for the context and leave with a next steps plan in hand.

It all happens with a bit of preparation (over a phone call and a few emails) and in a conversation or two.

And just like that, with the space to think and a bit of learning and encouragement, we’ve worked through the thing and you’re onto the next challenge.

Work Workouts are work coaching for everyone.

Work Workouts are personalized workouts to clarify, explore, and prepare an approach to a thing at work. It starts with a phone call, a few emails back and forth, and then a live video session or two.

Is it coaching?
Yes, and…here’s how it’s different: the Work Workout focuses on a specific thing happening at work rather than a more generalized pursuit of leadership development. I prefer this approach because we’re working together on a real thing, learning is at the center, and action is the outcome of the approach.

I also think calling them Work Workouts rather than coaching gives the whole interaction some levity. It’s serious, of course, but I’ve found venturing some distance away from seriousness is useful for good judgement.

How long does a Work Workout last?
Most Workouts require a single 60-minute session. Occasionally, someone requests a second session and some people do desire regular, scheduled Work Workout sessions.

What happens during a Work Workout?
I ask a lot of questions. We discuss your thoughts. You think, reflect, and make decisions about an approach appropriate for the context and leave with a next steps plan in hand. I generally avoid giving advice because every plan is contingent on your context.

Who are Work Workouts for?
Every healthcare administrator! The beauty of a Work Workout is that it is individualized to your situation, whether you’re a brand new manager or in the middle of your career. I’ve even found Work Workouts to be helpful for those nearing the executive suite.


On Demand Work Workout – A one-off work workout for something happening right now. We’ll start with a phone call, email back and forth, and do a live video session or two. Pay what works for you. I’ll send payment information after our Work Workout.

Ongoing Work Workouts – Recurring work workouts focused on an event like a project or transition. The ongoing work workout rate is $150/hour.

On Your Team Work Workouts – Work Workouts are work coaching for everyone. Maybe you have a new member on your team that needs to get up to speed quickly. Or perhaps someone was just promoted to a new leadership role. Or maybe they’ve just taken the reigns of a Very Important Project. These 1:1 work workouts with members of your team focus on an event, like a project or a transition. Packages available.

A Story of What Could Be

One of the best bosses I’ve worked for proposed working with a coach in my first few months into a brand new (my first!) director role. I loved the idea.

HR didn’t.

I wasn’t an executive and coaching was reserved for executives only.

In the next few months: my department’s budget was slashed because of internal politics, I led my first reorganization including laying off most of the department’s employees, and I reimagined a business and operations model to sustain what remained of our services—all while getting acclimated to a new organization and a new set of responsibilities.

Yes, some coaching would have benefited everyone—me, the employees affected by the layoff, the organization.

While executive coaching is usually reserved for executives, Work Workouts are work coaching for you, because all of us need assistance from time to time.

Why shouldn’t we look to the benefits of coaching when those time to times happen?

The Budget.

That’s usually where the “hiring a coach” conversation ends, if it even starts. Not anymore.

Work Workouts are work coaching for everyone.

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