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Figure It Out

Figure It Out is the principle at work when most of our time is spent working on new problems. When a problem hasn’t been solved before, when no one has the answer, when knowledge and experience and relationships must be relied on, when learning is occurring while working is happening

Beliefs, Behaviors, and Systems

At work, it’s worth considering change on (at least) three dimensions: beliefs, behaviors, and systems. Changing behaviors is (usually) what we’re after. So that’s where most change efforts start. And often where they stop. Yet just because beliefs and systems are (often) invisible doesn’t mean their influence is, too. Take,

Metawork is work about work

Identifying how you get things done, your theory of change, and then improving your theory of change as a result of learning from experience is an example of metawork.  Metawork is work about work.  If work is all the stuff you do to advance an objective from here to there, then

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