Shitty Work Thing for Healthcare Administrators


Are you feeling that?

I know the anxiety can be crushing, the frustration overwhelming, and the unhappiness persistent. I’ve felt them all before, too.

Shitty work things come in a bunch of different flavors and share a universal characteristic: they’re shitty.

A shitty work thing is just that: a prolonged period of job dissatisfaction stemming from something shitty at work.


An email subscription of thoughtful inspiration, motivation, and reflection to work your way through a shitty work thing.


It’s a first aid-kit for healthcare administrators braving a shitty work thing.

Shitty work things are shitty because they get in the way of doing good work—which is the reason we got into healthcare administration to begin with. Being a healthcare administrator is already hard enough. Add a shitty work thing on top and the job can quickly become undoable.

That’s just shitty.

Shitty Work Thing for Healthcare Administrators is like a first aid-kit for healthcare administrators slogging their way through a shitty work thing.

If that’s your current situation, then I created Shitty Work Thing for Healthcare Administrators exactly for you.

Inspiration, motivation, and reflection will be delivered to your inbox over 20 emails in 20 work days as a sort of navigational beacon to help you find your way out of the shitty work thing by focusing on the work.

“The work!?”

Yes, the work.

Focusing on the work—and tuning out the noise—as a path out of a shitty work thing provides an action-oriented short-term coping mechanism and medium-term resume building to help you get to what’s next.

This job, right now, even with a shitty work thing hanging over it, is still your best opportunity to do just that.

Whether what’s next is a new job or regaining peace of mind or returning to normal relations or something else entirely, doing the work is the way to get there.



Get Shitty Work Thing for the price of entering your email address. It’s free because it’s intended to help.


Why is Shitty Work Thing free?
Because when I was going through a shitty work thing, I wish it would have existed. All I ask is that when you learn of someone you know going through one, share Shitty Work Thing with them.

What will I receive?
Twenty crafted emails—a new thought for each day—that will help you reflect and take action as a means of getting through your shitty work thing. Each email takes three minutes to read and is intended to give you a boost of energy at the start of each day. A new idea is delivered every morning.

Do I have to be a healthcare administrator to get something out of it?
Probably not. I created this for healthcare administrators, but the references to healthcare administration and healthcare delivery organizations could just as well be swapped out for other middle management roles.

Why did you call it a Shitty Work Thing?
I think it’s a perfect encapsulation of the idea.

What if something isn’t working? Or if I have more questions?
Email me!


20 emails over 20 work days to focus on the work, tune out the noise, and find a path out



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