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Given the completely predictable scenario of Feeling Frustrated as a Healthcare Administrator Because Healthcare Delivery Organizations Are The Way They Are™, here’s one practical approach (idea?) to finding a path through it by knowing your motivations, understanding how your organization works, and figuring out how to achieve what you wish to achieve within your existing work environment.

(If that’s what you want.)


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Prison—yes, prison—is how W. Edwards Deming compared the approach most organizations take to managing people and their work.

If that imagery is in any way representative of reality—which, I think from time-to-time it can be—it’s no wonder why it’s easy to become frustrated with the healthcare delivery organization you’re working for: the (likely) traditional ways in which that organization operates are getting in the way of something you desire.

That something are things that made you choose a career in healthcare administration to begin with like making change happen, working on projects that interest you, realizing innovation, a steadily progressing career…

So it’s often a rather handcuffing experience when the-way-things-are-done-around-here comes into contact with your personal aspirations and ambitions.

That’s at least how it felt for me.

I started to feel trapped.

My attention turned to the day-to-day irritations of the job and the organization instead of focusing on delivering great work. Needless to say, I could have handled the situation differently. I wish I would have.

We all know that most healthcare delivery organizations operate in a hierarchical, bureaucratic, and traditional manner, even if we wished it weren’t the case. But that doesn’t mean working for a traditional healthcare delivery provider has to be career limiting or that your hope for feeling engaged at work should be diminished.

Whether it feels to you like a prison or something closer to detention, Follow The Rules is about finding a path out to achieve what you wish to achieve.




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Do I have to be a healthcare administrator to get something out of it?
Probably not. I created this for healthcare administrators, but the references to healthcare administration and healthcare delivery organizations could just as well be swapped out for other middle management roles.

What if something isn’t working? Or if I have more questions?
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