How to Practice at Work and Why It’s a Professional Imperative

How do you get better at the work you do?

Discover why practice is an underutilized professional development activity and how you can use it to advance your career. Through an evidence-based approach, you’ll learn how to practice, what to practice, why to practice, and how to make practice a habit.

Work Practice is delivered to your inbox in seven readings over seven work days, all designed to be completed in under 15 minutes.


Understanding and overcoming the inertia preventing change at work

Those feelings you’re feeling? They are a result of contact between the way things are in the organizations we work for and the way things are going to be.

The organization you work for is not organized to make change happen. It’s organized to continue doing the work the way it has always done the work.

“There Might Be Something Happening in the Universe” is a booklet to help you understand and overcome inertia at work.




A (practical no-nonsense) guide to better networking at professional and community events for healthcare administrators

Prepare and execute a networking strategy to meet the people you want to meet

No one likes networking. Yet we all enjoy the benefit of having a network.

One of the best places to meet new people with similar professional interests outside your usual circle is the networking time during a professional or community event.

Whether you’re attending out of obligation, considered choice, or somewhere inbetween, it’s worth optimizing your networking approach so you can meet who you want to meet.

How do we learn to manage in complexity?

An increasing awareness of complexity is rendering our decades-long approach to organizing and managing the work more and more challenging, yet the goal remains the same: get the work done, complete the project, and get from here to there.

How do we learn to manage in complexity? (Google Doc) is a professional development guide (for you and the people who work for you) to learn to manage in complexity.


Be a Better Meeting Attendee

While all of us are begging for fewer meetings so we can actually get some work done, for at least one person at each meeting you attend, that meeting is how they are getting their work done. Meetings are (probably) how you get work done, too.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before and after your next meeting as an attendee. Being intentional about your responsibilities will help you make (more) change happen.

Learn More | Conspicuous Version (Google Presentation) | Inconspicuous Version (Google Doc)


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A shitty work thing is just that: a prolonged period of job dissatisfaction stemming from something shitty at work.

Shitty Work Thing for Healthcare Administrators is a first aid-kit for healthcare administrators navigating a shitty work thing.

Inspiration, motivation, and reflection will be delivered to your inbox over 20 emails in 20 work days as a sort of navigational beacon to help you find your way out of the shitty work thing by focusing on the work.


Given the completely predictable scenario of Feeling Frustrated as a Healthcare Administrator Because Healthcare Delivery Organizations Are The Way They Are™, here’s one practical approach (idea?) to finding a path through it by:

  • Knowing your motivations,
  • Understanding how your organization works, and
  • Figuring out how to achieve what you wish to achieve within your existing work environment.

(If that’s what you want.)

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