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Leadership development redo

What if leadership development became a way of working rather than a program to be completed?

What happens?

Among other positive developments:

Leadership development becomes something for everyone and not the chosen. 

Work is reframed as the systematic learning it actually is.

Leadership becomes a responsibility of the group rather than an accountability of an individual.

Creating the conditions allowing for great work to emerge becomes the focus. 

Diversity, rather than conformity, is embraced in all its forms.

We could rid ourselves of that nasty belief in hero leaders—a destructive idea at the core of many (all?) of your organization’s challenges.

Thoughts from others

“Our primary method of developing leaders is antithetical to the type of leadership we need.” Deborah Rowland

“Complex behaviours and skills are reduced to simple geometric diagrams, a pyramid here, an interlocking circle here, a four quadrant typology there. Leadership training became a byword for contradictory theories and over-simplification. A few choice quotes are thrown in, preferably from historically famous leaders, some interactive exercises, straight out of traditional management courses and you’re off.” Donald Clark

“Because we have these monstrous notions of what leaders are supposed to do, all based on this old model. We need a whole new concept of what a leader does, what leadership is, and get rid of all this command and control.” Ed Schein

“leadership today is helping your network, community, and team get smarter and able to make better decisions” Harold Jarche

“Leadership. More than ever, it really isn’t about a formal position. It’s about human connections. Our relationships with each other; sharing our vulnerabilities, & building trust. Listening to each other’s feelings & thoughts; valuing differences. Together, with purpose.” Brigid Russell

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