Use digital notes to do creative work

The point of having notes is to use them. We can use notes in consultation, in preparation, and in creation of the creative work required when working in complexity.

Get started with digital notes

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were something you could start doing at work that would immediately make you more effective at your job?

When Process does our thinking for us

What happens when we commit to big-P process is this: We commit to not thinking originally about the situation we’re trying to use it in. It makes for less effective work.

Why is work the way it is?

How we work is the real problem worth solving if we desire for ourselves, our teams, and our organizations to fulfill a vision worth fulfilling.

What is double-loop learning?

Double-loop learning is a funny name for the learning we do when we move beyond just solving problems (single-loop learning) and explore whatever it is we’re trying to do more holistically.

The Now of Work

A follow-on guide to the “Healthcare is changing. How we work hasn’t. And it’s holding us back.” introductory series. Here are ten ideas for getting started with the now of work.

The benefits of thinking about your thinking

Metacognition is the process we use to plan, monitor, and assess our learning, thinking, and doing. It’s wildly important because it’s how we build an awareness of our understanding and performance, which is required for working in complexity.

(Personal) Career Reviewing and Planning

I did something for the first time this year that you may want to consider doing yourself: a career reviewing and planning session. For myself. It was a bit like an annual job review. Only that it was conducted by me. And free of bureaucratic rigmarole.

Be a Better Meeting Attendee

A few questions to ask yourself before and after your next meeting as an attendee. Being intentional about your responsibilities will help you make (more) change happen.

You Don’t Need Buy-In to Implement Change

It’s a message that probably sounds like what you’ll hear from your salesperson friend over coffee: You don’t need buy-in at the end to make change happen, you need enrollment from the start.

A (practical no-nonsense) guide to better networking at professional and community events

No one likes networking. Yet we all enjoy the benefit of having a network. And one of the best places to meet new people with similar professional interests outside your usual circle is the networking time during a professional or community event. Here’s a thinking guide to assist you in preparing and executing a networking strategy to meet the people you want to meet.

What is complexity?

Work is different because of our increasing awareness of complexity. But what is complexity? And what does it change?

On being lost, on occasion

Getting professionally unlost is really about knowing yourself, knowing your situation, and knowing where you’re trying to go.

An uncomfortable relationship with advice

I think it’s important to remember that any piece of advice, even from the most experienced, well-meaning, empathetic person living on the planet, is still an opinion based upon their experience filtered through a worldview that isn’t exactly ours.

On efficiency and excellence

Conflating efficiency and excellence has resulted in a workplace cultural satisfaction that merely meeting spec is good enough when it comes to improving healthcare delivery operations.

Shitty work things

Sooner or later a certain mix of circumstances will lead to … something: frustration, stress, loss of confidence, anxiety, stress, etc., etc., etc. I’ve taken to calling these somethings shitty work things. A shitty work thing is just that: a prolonged period of job dissatisfaction stemming from something shitty at work.

On communicating well

Improving communication at work begins with recognizing communication as a process and ends by embracing the all-important (but often ignored) feedback element of the process.

See work from another angle(s)

In the workplace we call the intentions and motives of other people an agenda. It’s usually used with a negative connotation but understanding other people’s agendas is key to achievement in the workplace. Knowing why other people are making the decisions they’re making will help you make your own.

A Slimmer Work Workout

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