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What is complexity?

Work is different because of our increasing awareness of complexity. But what is complexity? And what does it change?

On being lost, on occasion

Getting professionally unlost is really about knowing yourself, knowing your situation, and knowing where you’re trying to go.

An uncomfortable relationship with advice

I think it’s important to remember that any piece of advice, even from the most experienced, well-meaning, empathetic person living on the planet, is still an opinion based upon their experience filtered through a worldview that isn’t exactly ours.

On efficiency and excellence

Conflating efficiency and excellence has resulted in a workplace cultural satisfaction that merely meeting spec is good enough when it comes to improving healthcare delivery operations.

Shitty work things

Sooner or later a certain mix of circumstances will lead to … something: frustration, stress, loss of confidence, anxiety, stress, etc., etc., etc. I’ve taken to calling these somethings shitty work things. A shitty work thing is just that: a prolonged period of job dissatisfaction stemming from something shitty at work.

On communicating well

Improving communication at work begins with recognizing communication as a process and ends by embracing the all-important (but often ignored) feedback element of the process.

See work from another angle(s)

In the workplace we call the intentions and motives of other people an agenda. It’s usually used with a negative connotation but understanding other people’s agendas is key to achievement in the workplace. Knowing why other people are making the decisions they’re making will help you make your own.

A Slimmer Work Workout

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