Healthcare is changing. How we work hasn't.

And it's holding us back.


Learn about the challenge, the opportunity, and how to make (more) change happen at your job and in your career.

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A career-altering professional opportunity is here—one that will lead to new job opportunities, real change, and an improved industry for all of us and everyone else.

How we’ve learned to organize, manage, and do our work is no match for what we’re attempting to achieve. It’s why we’re frustrated. It’s why work is a trudge. It’s why change is so stubborn.

Our jobs require learning to solve the problems we’re solving as we’re solving them. They require more human-centered ways of doing, managing, and organizing the work. And they require better thinking and learning.

Booklets, courses, programs, and other learning things to do the work required to improve the industry, change our organizations, and develop our careers.
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My name is Drew Weilage. I work with—and create things for—healthcare administrators to make work matter. I also write to promote thinking differently about organizations, management, and professional development. I’ve worked in healthcare operations, consulting, and start-ups helping individuals and teams do their best work. Oh, and pep talks! Get a pep talk when you need one: big day, bad day, or any day at all. Text me at 646-450-2465.
It’s a pep talk and other things for healthcare administrators making change happen through the work.
An increasing number of us are realizing our jobs, organizations, and the industry aren’t what they could be and are doing something about it.
Too often that doing is a lonely pursuit, regardless of the excitement or the frustration or anything in between. Not here. 
This is a place to think differently, see differently, and do differently to make change happen. 
Through the Work is practical and pragmatic Learning & Encouragement to do the work required to improve the industry, change our organizations, and develop our careers.

Work is the way it is because it’s been organized to be that way.

If we want it to be different for ourselves, for patients, for everyone in healthcare delivery, it’s on us to make it happen. And change—in your career, your organization, and the industry—happens through the work.

New books and new companies and new conferences promise the future of work is on its way. But that promise doesn’t mean much for those of us who need work to be better now. And while there is meaningful advice for redesigning work in purposeful ways, much of it is intended for the top of the organization and doesn’t do much for those of us closer to the edges.

So what can we do to make work better now?

I believe the answer starts with modernizing professional development and, more broadly, approaching learning at work in a different way. Unfortunately, those resources are lacking in the organizations we work for, behind the times in the professional groups we belong to, and insufficient in their quality elsewhere online.

Through the Work is the result of my personal frustration and curiosity and the realization that just because work is the way it is doesn’t mean it has to be that way forever.

Through the Work provides Learning & Encouragement to change work through the work and improve your career, your organization, and the industry.

So, like you, I’ve been there before—frustrated, anxious, disappointed. Thankfully, I’ve spent plenty of time on the other side of those feelings, too. The normal ups and downs as an employee, boss, and consultant.

Yet it was a series of professional events in 2013 that surprised and overwhelmed me. I was confident and accomplished … and only after a tumultuous six months realized I was wholly unprepared for the job.

It was hard. Really hard. There was a time I felt pretty sorry for myself. That confidence I had? Nearly none of it was left. I trudged my way through it: implemented a few projects, failed to implement a few more, and saw the rest languish in a state somewhere between the two. You can read about it here. And if you’re going through anything similar, I created this especially for you.

Well, the other side of that spectrum is pretty obvious, and it’s where I found myself a year later thanks to some great people. It was a terrific job, I felt supported, and the project success rate was immensely greater.

Why—and this is the big question—did the same person flail so miserably in one setting yet contribute to out-sized success in another?

It gets you wondering, doesn’t it? It got me wondering! And since then I’ve been on a mission—as part of my day-to-day work and even in my leisure time—to understand the answers to the question: Why is it so difficult to make a meaningful contribution toward making change happen when change is what everyone is working toward?

I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of reflecting on my successes (plenty!), failures (plenty!), frustrations (many!), and challenges (even more…) and the thing of it is is that while my individual performance almost always had an effect on an outcome, the influence of the system around me was nearly always greater.

That’s what I’ve learned. It’s what the academic literature tells us, too.

We have the ability to influence outcomes and the responsibility to get better at what we do. We’re also operating inside complex systems and to be successful in that environment requires we think differently so that we can see differently and ultimately do differently.

I’ve talked with friends, colleagues, mentees, and administrators and they share similar stories. While emotions triggered my initial curiosity, it’s the cognitive effort in doing something about it that has led to Through the Work and the services I offer. Everything here centers on the question: “Why is work the way work is and how can we make it better?”

This is no hero’s journey, to be sure. For every lesson I’ve learned and applied from previous experience I’ve had to learn some more and apply again all in an effort to figure it out as I’ve gone along. That’s how we make our way through complexity. It’s how I help you make your way, too.

Email is best: Say hello, I’d like to hear from you.

Of course, if you’re looking for a pep talk, you can reach me via text at 646-450-2465.

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